Nazmul: Mahmudullah reaction an emotional outburst

BCB boss Nazmul said Mahmudullah's reaction to the media was an emotional outburst

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File photo of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia <strong>Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune</strong>

BCB president Nazmul Hasan briefs the Bangladeshi media in Muscat Monday as CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury, board director Ismail Haider Mallick and cricket operations committee chairman Akram Khan look on BCB

Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan has termed T20 captain Mahmudullah’s reaction in the media to be an "emotional outburst".

Mahmudullah following Bangladesh’s last qualifying game, against Papua New Guinea in Muscat Thursday, had come out with strong and emotional words, indicated indirectly to Nazmul’s reaction in public.

Nazmul, following Bangladesh’s six-run defeat against Scotland in the qualifying round, hit out at the team and questioned their approach, body language and planning while speaking to the media.

Mahmudullah in return emphasized on the importance of constructive criticism at times when the team doesn’t perform.

“It is usual for me to behave firmly. We are also human and can make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean one has the right to make us feel low. We represent the country and play for the country. We always think of the country’s expectation. I do not think anyone feels [the need of winning for the country] more than us. There will of course be criticism when we do not perform but one should not make us look low. We [the team] were hurt,” Mahmudullah had said following the PNG game.

BCB president Nazmul while speaking to a television channel in Dhaka Saturday replied to Mahmudullah’s reaction saying, “I do not understand two things. He [Mahmudullah] is saying they get hurt when their dedication gets questioned. I do not think anyone has questioned their dedication. I never spoke about it even once. Second he is saying I have made them low, I think this is simply a case of emotional outburst. I am still stand to my old position. I was not satisfied with the team’s approach, body language and planning in the first game.

“I think Mahmudullah and other cricketers should also understand, like they are humans, the supporters and people in BCB are also humans. There is nothing to take personally here. Whatever I have said was to the team, not indicated personally."

Bangladesh came into the T20 World Cup Group B qualifiers as the favorites but all hell broke loose on the team following the defeat against ICC associate team Scotland.

The team were subjected to criticism from all corners, including Nazmul and other influential directors.

According to media reports, such was the backlash from the BCB chief that the team had to bring unexpected and illogical changes and Mushfiqur Rahim batting at No 8 in the Oman game was one of those.

Bangladesh in the next two games of the round defeated Oman and PNG and moved to the Super 12 stage of the tournament as Group B runners-up.

Mahmudullah while attending the press conference following a record 84-run victory against PNG at Al Amerat Stadium Thursday was stiff with his words, emphasized on the need to trust the team and treating the players with due respect.

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